ECOSOC: Economic and Social Council (High School)

American Trade War



Chair: Sebastian Catalan Cortina, Andre Farras Cortés, and Sophia Cruz Antona.

The Economic and Social Council is one important block of the United Nations system that tries to protect the economic, social and environmental problems of the world. In the recent years, the International Monetary Fund has notified the potential risk of an economic and trade war.
The international economic system and relationships are currently under high-pressure due to the attitude and policies of some political figures. Some of the concerns that have to be taken into account are the increment of financial regulations, international threats and immigration policies restructuration, the implementation of taxes in order to create and strengthen the borders of some delegation’s soil. It is crucial to solving this international issue due to its actual threat to the international economy.

American Trade War [BACKGROUND ECOSOC]

Image source (on the top): Culhane, P. (2017) US election: Clinton and Trump oppose TPP deal. Taken from:


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