ECOSOC: Economic and Social Council (Junior High School)

Economic Repercussions of Renewable Energy in Industrial Zones

Junior High School LEVEL

ECOSOC secundaria

Chair: Juan Carlos Reyes, Patricio List Tapia and Lizet Garfias Martínez.

Nowadays, all over the world, new ways of creating energy are been searched; and contrary to the traditional form of energy, nonrenewable sources are been implemented. This committee is focused on solving problems that had caused the environment to deteriorate by seeking for solutions to stop the exploitation of nonrenewable resources and implementing renewable resources for new ways of collecting energy; as well as the economic and social impact that the implementations of non-renewable sources can have in the future.

Economic repercussions of renewable energy in industrial zones [PDF]

Image source (on the top): Romero, O. (2016) renewable energy, air. Taken from:


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