General Assembly (High School)

Security Council Take of Action Improvement



Chair: Araceli Nava Niño, Elias Mejía and Octavio Villa.

Along the trajectory of the United Nations from its foundation until today, it has been difficult to evaluate its procedures as well as its efficiency, this is due of the numerous problems it faces, which must be solved as quickly as possible. Given the importance of the organization within the solution of global conflicts, it is important that it is constantly evaluated, therefore we must give relevance to this point.

The General Assembly has taken this opportunity to review the efficiency of the Security Council, inviting all delegations to provide their perspective on this conflict, with the aim of bringing improvements to the Security Council.

Security Council Take of Action Improvement [BACKGROUND GA.psaf]

Image source (on the top): Notimex. (2017). ONU convoca a sesión de emergencia por posible ataque químico en Siria [Image]. Retrieved from: