Security Council (Junior High School)

Hamas Expansion Over Palestine

Junior High School LEVEL


Chair: Jorge Alejandro Villalba Alvarado, Marco Antonio Amador Román, y Arantza Becerra.

During the last decade, the world, especially in the Middle East, has witnessed the creation of an extremist group called Hamas. Hamas has been tagged by the United Nations as a danger to humanity. The creation of Hamas divided the population in two, one that believed Hamas should decide the fate for them, and the other half believed that Hamas was incorrect and their methods to extreme, this affected social, economical and political aspects creating problems, especially to the Palestine government by the implementation of violent tactics, endangering the surrounding population.

Hamas expansion over Palestine [BACKGROUND SC JHS]

Image source (on the top): BBC (2014) Qué es Hamas, el enemigo más obstinado de Israel, taken from


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