UNHRC: United Nations Human Rights Council

Rights for North Corean Immigrants in China



Chair: Michel Sánchez de León Rodríguez, Rodrigo Romero García and Diego Rodríguez Orozco.

Many years ago, North Korea has been struggling with economic, political and social situations that affect the country and its population. As a consequence of this events, North Koreans look the way of getting ahead by trying to leave the country, but it is not easy. As the government created methods so nobody can’t leave without permission and punishes all those who make the attempt of leaving or help others to leave.
The punishments use to be extremes and have caused thousands of deaths. This is a clear violation of the human’s rights which causes immigrants to arrive at different countries trying to find a better lifestyle than they used to have in North Korea. But not only the North Koreans are involved in the problem since all countries that are located close to North Korea are the once who receive who receive a huge number of immigrants. UNHRC is looking for a solution to this issue and finds new methods on how to protect immigrants and ensure their traveling without any direct violation of human rights.

Rights for north corean immigrants in China [BACKGROUND UNHRC]

image source (on the top): Hancocks, P. (2012) North Korea: Ready to go to war with U.S., South Korea [Image] Consulted at http://edition.cnn.com/2012/02/27/world/asia/north-korea-tensions/index.html


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