Child Soldiers in African Countries



Chair: Brenda Karina Gonzales, Manuel Sánchez Zugasti and Andrea Sánchez Páez.

All around the world and all over history children are forced to participate as soldiers in conflicts; they suffer abusive treatment and their rights as children are being violated. Children are the most exposed group of people for this abuse because of their vulnerability and innocence; armies take them out of their houses by offering a better life, food, some place to sleep, clothes, among many others. Africa is the country with more number of children that suffer this issue. The international community has fought towards this problem, however, with the growth of extremist groups and violent conflicts, this issue must be attended more than ever before.

 Child Soldiers in African Conflicts [BACKGROUND UNICEF JHS]

Image source (on the top): DOTHREGGAE. (2017) AFRICA [Image] Consulted at http://www.dothereggae.com/portal/


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