Women Trafficking in Mexico


UN women

Chair: Melissa del Alto, Amanda Toxqui Márquez and Fernando Maza.

Human Trafficking is the world´s second most important business crime in terms of economic benefit after armament business. México is one of the main countries that suffer from women trafficking and violent treatment. This is a clear example that nowadays slavery and gender violence are still present. Mexico has made a significant process in achieving women’s rights, however, it is the American country with the most missing women, forced to make labor work and most commonly to become sexual slaves. It is estimated that 82% of the human trafficking in México are women and girls and more than 50% are minors.

Women Trafficking in Mexico  [BACKGROUND UNWOMEN JHS]

Image source (on the top): Romano, C. (2013) Human Trafficking Forum Results [Image] Consulted at https://freethemblog.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/human-trafficking-forum-results/


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