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Health Problems Caused by Sewage Water



Chair: Yuliana Minutti Calva , Ana Semjase Ayaquica Márquez and Mariana Guadalupe Espinosa.

Nowadays, the groundwater and surface water is highly contaminated with heavy metals, water with these characteristics is known as sewage water. During the past
years it has developed some crucial diseases, which affect life quality of human beings; some of the diseases that can be provoked are Helicobacter Pylori, Shigellosis, and

Sewage water health problems have increased in a large percent in those areas such as The United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, among others where the economic resources are obtained by land and agro-economic work.World Health Organization, is leading global efforts to prevent

World Health Organization, is leading global efforts to prevent waterborne disease transition and alerts the governments on the development of health related goals and regulations.

Health problems caused by sewage water [BACKGROUND WHO]

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