Secretary of Hospitality

IMG_6813Fernando Rivera Rivera 


The department of hospitality has the main function to invite external delegates to our United Nations model. Our team is in charge of sending invitations to local, national, and international schools with the solid purpose of giving delegates the chance and the tools to learn and debate about many global issues. The department of hospitality is also in charge of making phone calls and sending e-mails regarding all the information that external schools must know before attending to our model. For example, sending information about price packages, the assignment of countries to delegates, the schedule that will be followed during the three days of debate, and responding to any doubt that schools and advisors may have. Lastly, the department of hospitality has the important job to look after delegates that will visite our model from other states and countries. This involves looking for the hotel in which they will stay, taking them to diverse restaurants, assuring transportation during the three days of debate, and taking them to a tour so that we can offer them a fantastic experience while they stay in Puebla.

Hospitality Team

IMG_6811Alan Ochoa Martínez

Elias Mejia Nava

Fernando Rivera Rivera