Secretary of Humanitarian Affairs



Humanitarian Affairs is in charge to provide help and support to different non-governmental organizations that have been improving the quality of life and raising awareness for those in need of help, mainly in our state. The above by the planning of different Humanitarian Campaigns and activities in which all the delegates and participants in D’Amun are involved in order to make a real change.  On the other hand, the department is also in charge of the human resources area which main objective is to make sure all delegates, chair members and D’Amun team feel comfortable with their working team and motivated on what they are doing, this by different integration activities, interviews and personal feedbacks to the whole D’Amun team.

Humanitarian Affairs Team

HUMANITARIANMelanie León Suaste

Metzery Celaya Llano 

Julieta Guerrero Espinosa

Paola Solís García