Secretaries of Logistics

HC LOGISTICSAmanda Polçaqui Gonçalves 

Ana Paola Ruanova Bisogno


Logistics’ purpose is to be in charge of getting products and services when and where they are needed. Logistics also participates in the preparation and management of event’s activities, facilities, personnel, schedules, locations, acquisitions, management of inventory/stocks and the process of planning, organization, get goods, services, storage and for them to have a good quality. To facilitate and offer the best services and experiences for  D’Amun participants.

Logistics TeamLOGISTICS

Miguel Jiménez Andrade

Zurisadai Madrid Gallardo

María José Alejo Flores

Fabián Sánchez Morales

Alexa Orive Coronel

Juan Pablo Pacheco Sánchez

Pablo Alduncin Perezcastro

Ana Paola Ruanova Bisogno

Amanda Polçaqui Gonçalves